Samsung Galaxy S5 – Google Play Edition – Where is it?

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Google Play Edition – Where is it?

Its fair to say that Google Play Editions are a popular device choice, not just for Android purists, but for a lot of user who do not want to deal with manufacture skins and carrier bloatware, AND still want a premium device with the best specs on the market. Hence all the more puzzling when you consider that the Galaxy S5 has been out for a few months now, with no sign of a Google Play Edition model. It was Samsung that kicked off the whole Google Play Edition (GPE) trend with the Galaxy S4 and was swiftly followed by the HTC One. HTC continued its GPE trend support when it announced the HTC One M8 GPE (which is available in the Google Play Store).

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It may be a sign of things to come from Samsung – who have already moved to Tizen OS on their smartwatches (although they did release their Gear Live watch running the new Android Wear OS). Samsung’s focus has always been on its own services, from its TouchWiz Android skin, to its S-services (most of which are not as good as what comes on stock Android AND take up resources on your devices). Perhaps its cockiness on Samsung’s part, being the biggest Android manufacture, or might just be waiting for Android L to be finalized before it does a big reveal.

Whatever the case – I know of a good few people that would love to get their hands on a GPE Galaxy S5.