Samsung Allows You To Disable Bloatware Apps

Samsung Allows You To Disable Bloatware Apps

In what seems like a “Finally!” moment, Samsung now allows you to disable the stock bloatware apps that come with its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. While its not as good as being able to delete and get rid of the apps completely, disabling them means that they will no clutter up your app drawer/home screen and won’t be using up valuable RAM. Bloatware has been a constant complaint over the years for Samsung phones and it seems that the company has finally given in to popular demand.

Disabling apps works in the same way as you would uninstall an app that you might have installed at some point. Follow the steps below to disable default Samsung apps

1. Open your app drawer and tap the EDIT button on the top right – you should see a small “minus” bubble in the top corner of all the apps.
samsung bloatware

2. Select the app you want to disable and tap DISABLE in the popup menu (you can always enable it later if you change your mind)
3. If the app you want is within a folder – select the folder and then select View Apps in the drop down menu that pops up.

Thats it! You’re done!

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