How To Remove Bloatware

How To Remove Bloatware

So you want to remove bloatware? Unfortunately, most cell phone carriers and manufacturers hide bloatware in a place on your phone that you do not have permission to access. That place is the system folder: (/system/app)

To access the system folder, the phone user must have “superuser” permissions. Most US carriers restrict the user from these permissions, and overriding them will void the cell phone contract and warranty. Cell phone companies do this because superuser permissions also make the phone more vulnerable to hacking/viruses, which is too much of an insurance risk.

If you decide to root your phone, there are some great applications that can help you remove unnecessary programs from the system folder.

Root Manager costs $2.84 and has an average rating of four stars.

Root Explorer costs $3.99 and has an average rating of five stars.

Titanium Backup is free and is a great app to back up your phone before you start deleting things. It also has a pro version that has more features (costs $5.99)