Leaked Screenshots of Lollipop running on HTC Sense 6

Leaked Screenshots of Lollipop running on HTC Sense 6

Android Lollipop has been out for just under 2 months now and we’ve already seen it be adapted by LG for its LG G3 (although in limited numbers at the time of writing). HTC made a promise that their phones would get the Android L update within 90 days of launch. It hasn’t been 9 days yet, but back in November we saw a few screenshots of an HTC One M8 running Sense 6 and Android 5.0 with its material design.



This time, we have more images of an updated Sense 6 running Android 5.0. The interface is not far removed from that HTC users are used to seeing. It does seem to have a bunch of new animations from the new version of Android and the new quick-access screen to see notifications and multitasking interface. There are also a few screenshots showing a new “easy mode” that seems likely to be a mode for new or less tech-savvy users.  Overall, Sense 6 looks like an a welcome update and is treated with a nice dose of Material Design and animations. HTC’s 90 day promise means that this update should be rolling out to users around February 2015 – here’s hoping!

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