Google’s Android One Program Will Rid Phones of Bloatware

Google’s Android One Program Will Rid Phones of Bloatware

We recent wrote about the rumored Android Silver program for flagship Android devices. In a welcome move, Google has now announced a similar program for low-mid tier Android phones at its annual Google I/O event in San Francisco. It will follow a model much like the Nexus devices where the software updates will come directly from the Mountain View company.

Android One allows Google to set cost-effective hardware standards for OEM’s to manufacture. The software will come directly from Google and this, combined with the hardware standards, will benefit the consumer. The main benefits being that you will no longer have bloatware on your phone from OEM’s and that Android will be able to keep a uniform look and feel among a host of different devices. These devices would probably be in similar ilk to the Moto G and the Moto E.


The Android One program is aimed mainly at emerging markets and Google is initially teaming with Indian manufactures Karbonn, Spice and Micromax. Its not launching in the US just yet, with carriers proving to be a major barrier to direct software updates. Are you a fan of this new vision of the Android OS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!