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How to speed up your android phone

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In the early days of the Android platform, smartphones like the G1 were painfully slow and clunky. Handsets struggled to open apps, freezes were expected, and crashes were regular occurrences. Fast forward to 2014, and Android is an entirely different story.Google’s code has enjoyed years of optimizations and processors and other components have improved dramatically. Even most low-end and mid-range Android phones run smoothly in most normal situations now.

Sometimes, however, things slow down. It can be incredibly frustrating — even more so than it was back in Android’s early days, because back then it was the norm. Now, users expect a more fluid experience and when they don’t get it, it’s frustrating.

But thanks to Android’s open nature, there are often simple little tweaks that can be made in order to speed things up.

Though it is easily one of the best mobile browsers out there, Chrome for Android can sometimes be a source of aggravation for Android users. Particularly when many tabs are open at once, the app tends to get a bit choked up. As a result, pages load slowly and scrolling can get choppy.

Fixing the issue couldn’t be easier.

As noted in a post on Reddit and then picked up recently by Wired, users can quickly and easily increase the amount of RAM that the Chrome app can utilize. By default, the app can only access up to 128MB of RAM and then things start to bog down. High-end and even mid-range Android phones now have plenty of RAM though, so if you’re a heavy Chrome user, there’s no reason your experience has to be so limited.

Simply open a new tab, type the following string, and tap Enter:


Then, in the menu that pops up, change “128? to either “256? or “512.” Now tap theRelaunch now button and you can enjoy smoother sailing — and smooth scrolling — in your Chrome browser.

Bloatware: What is it?

Bloatware wasn’t invented with the Android phone, but Android phone manufacturers and cell phone carriers have really taken advantage of it. Bloatware is all of the extra software applications that come pre-installed on your Android (in addition to vanilla Android)–it can include any kind of application but some of the most notable examples are carrier apps and/or trial apps that you have to pay for after a certain time to keep using it. At best these apps can simply be taking up space on your phone, or at worst it can be running in the background without your knowledge and drain your battery. 

Bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Most Android phones come with useless software/apps that are pre-installed by the device manufacturer and/or your carrier (looking at you Samsung and Verizon). This is what we call “bloatware” and it takes up valuable storage space on your device and drain your battery by running discreetly in the background.

 To give you an example, we’ve made a list of software that comes pre-installed on a brand new, carrier-neutral, Samsung Galaxy S5. Ready?

  1. 1. Samsung Touchwiz

  2. 2. Samsung S-voice

  3. 3. Samsung account

  4. 4. Samsung Books

  5. 5. Samsung Cloud Data Relay

  6. 6. Samsung Cloud Quota

  7. 7. Samsung Games

  8. 8. Samsung Hub

  9. 9. Samsung KNOX

  10. 10. Samsung Link

  11. 11. Samsung Music

  12. 12. Samsung Push Service

  13. 13. Samsung SBrowser Bookmark SyncAdapter

  14. 14. Samsung Smart Scroll

  15. 15. S-Health

  16. 16. Download Booster

Samsung has also stated that the S5 will come with $200 worth of apps pre-installed on the device, which would add to the above list significantly. The fact that the 16GB Galaxy S5 comes with “only” 10.7GB usable storage shows you the full extent of valuable storage space that bloatware takes up. Adding to the already extensive bloatware list from the device manufacturers, cellular carriers have gotten into the mix with their own pre-installed apps. Some of these apps are downright impossible to remove and cause havoc with your battery life.

Are you having problems with your battery?

Are you having problems with your battery?

Use our advanced methodology to test and see the health of the battery in your Android Phone. Click the button below to test your battery health

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Sprint Takes A Stand Against Bloatware

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Sprint recently announced that HTC EVO 3D users would be able to uninstall bloatware from their phones–no rooting required. Sprint plans on continuing this practice with future mobile phone releases, giving Android users hope of a bloatware-free world (at least on Sprint).

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